2.6.2021 – Trainer Topics – Plateau

Traveling Trainer Topics – Plateau
by Traveling Trainers Founder JaCory Marshall

February 6, 2021 – Video Transcript follows.

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“Hey guys JaCory Marshall here with Traveling Trainers. I am YOUR personal trainer. Today we have a new topic to discuss, but just a recap of where we came from. We started at Motivation, went to Inspiration, to Consistency and now we are at Plateauing. Plateaus in the fitness industry is something that’s common – especially if you do not change up your routine. And just like you see mountain tops and plateaus out in the world going up and leveling off, that’s the same thing that can happen if you do not challenge yourself in your workouts, okay?

So how do you do that? You get stressed, you don’t see any gains, your muscle gain being trimming up. Well the body is an amazing creation, because if you don’t challenge it, it will not change. I don’t care how much you sweat, how much you’re huffing and puffing, how tired you are after the workout it does not matter. Because at the end of the day, we all need challenges. Not just in our brain, but our body does too. It needs that great stress.

Ways that I do, when I facilitate workouts with my clients or myself. I change up the exercises – the body gets bored of the same routine. Something that maybe mimic the part of the body that you’re working out. For instance, going from dips with the bar or bench dips to tricep push downs.

Also, changing your rep range. Maybe going from 8 reps to 15 or 20 if you’re trying to tone up or from 8 to 6 to 4 to 2 if you’re trying to bulk up.

Another way of changing workouts is being able to change the sets. So you might do 2 sets of 15 but you want more muscles, so you might change it to 2 sets of 8 and increase the weight.

So it’s a lot of manipulation here and there to change up what you’re trying to do, but the body will adjust and thank you in the long run.

Definitely get your nutrition in there as well as your rest. That  goes a long way too, because if the body, if it’s tired or not being fed the right way, it definitely will give you bad turnouts.

Alright, guys, for more tips and tricks go to TravelingTrainers.com. Peace.”