5 Tips to Stick With Your Fitness Resolutions

Setting a resolution is simple… sticking with it is the hard part.

Research shows that it takes 90 days for a new behavior to become a habit, so while getting into a new routine may be grueling at first, if you stick with your workouts, they will soon become second nature.

Here are a few tips for making your fitness resolutions stick!

1. Start Simple

Set short term goals for yourself and create one new positive habit at a time, rather than trying to tackle a full lifestyle overhaul at once. Make your goals realistic so they fit within your existing lifestyle, too. If you’re a busy mom, for example, try doing a 30-minute full-body workout with Traveling Trainers during your lunch break rather than committing to a daily hour-long gym session. Once you’ve gotten into the habit of that routine, work with your certified Traveling Trainer to introduce a new goal to create another positive habit.

2. Find an Accountability Partner

Having a buddy to do your workouts with you can be incredibly motivating: a study found that 95% of those who began a weight-loss program with a friend completed the program, compared to a 76% completion rate for those who tackled the program alone. Even if you can’t find someone to do your workouts with in real time, having the support of a friend or partner can help motivate you to stick with your goals. Passion is a powerful thing, but it cannot sustain itself on its lonesome. Passion and drive must be fed with determination and hard work. The staff at Traveling Trainers understand this concept implicitly. Our goal is to ignite that fire within our clients and guide them back on that road to better health, and towards their ultimate goals. When our clients want to quit, when they don’t feel like pushing through the inertia, we step in beside them, coaching and cheering them onward. We help our clients dig deep to find a part of themselves they might not know existed, grasp ahold of it, and triumph. We won’t quit on you, and we will do everything not to let you quit on yourself!

3. Schedule Workouts Into Your Day

Just like you block time on your calendar for work meetings and personal appointments, try scheduling time on your calendar for a workout with Traveling Trainers! Traveling Trainers understands the time crunch that our clients work under. That’s why we meet each client at the location that works the best for them. Whether it’s at home, a park, the workplace, we come to you. Our goal is to simplify your life by bringing your workout to you!

4. Write Your Goals Down

Did you know you’re 42% more likely to meet your goals if you write them down? Find a piece of paper, write down your fitness goals for 2022, and stick it somewhere you’ll see it on a daily basis, like a mirror or next to your desk.

5. Commit to Moving More

Getting into a new routine is tough! Start by simply moving more on a daily basis. Squeeze in a quick walk whenever you can, take the stairs, or get up from your desk once an hour and do a few quick stretches to get your body moving.

Whether you’re aiming to find an entirely new workout routine, learn a new skill, or develop a healthier lifestyle, Traveling Trainers has a workout routine for you that will help you kick your wellness goals into high gear!