Athletic Training

The life of an athlete is about competition. Whether you compete on a team, individually, or against your personal record, the goal is always the same, to push your game to its next level. As athletes ourselves, we at Traveling Trainers understand the challenges involved in driving your athleticism to the new heights. For Athletes, it’s not just about getting into shape, but about striving to be the very best that you can be. Let us help push you to the very peaks of your known capabilities and beyond.

We Will Help You Train to Become a Better Athlete

To truly become a stronger, faster, and better athlete, you not only have to exercise but train better. Traveling Trainers can help you boost your athletic ability to elevate your game. We work with athletes of all ages, ability levels, and competitive backgrounds. Whether you’re a high school football player looking to improve your skills to entice college scouts, a novice training to compete in a triathlon, or a professional athlete trying to push yourself to new limits, we can help you reach your goals.

Traveling Trainers will coach you throughout your journey and help you discover your capabilities and help you surpass them. Our trainers will create an individualized fitness regime that best suits your strengths, sport, and goals. With our help, you will find your game reaching its highest potential.

Our guidance extends beyond your fitness routines. We recommend that all athletes that work with us take advantage of our Nutritional Training Program. We will show you how to provide your new powerful body with the fuel it needs to reach its highest levels of performance. Check out our Recipes on how to make healthy meals and snacks.

Pick the Time & Place to Exercise

The staff at Traveling Trainers understand how busy your schedule can get when you are trying to make the time to become a better athlete. That is why we will bring the workout to you. We will meet you at the time and place that best fits your schedule. Whether it’s at home, work, school, or at the park, we will travel throughout the Kansas City Metro area and bring the quality workout you need.

We can work out with individual athletes like tennis players, runners, boxers, and wrestlers in our One-On-One Sessions. Our trainers are also adept at running Duo and Group Workouts for athletes who wish to exercise alongside their teammates in sports like football, basketball, volleyball, and baseball. We can even offer Rehabilitative Training for injured athletes who need help recapturing their competitive edge. Check out these and the other comprehensive Training Programs we offer. If you have a preference we also have trainers of either gender available to suit your comfort level.

Traveling Trainers – We are where you need us to be, when it’s convenient for you!

Let Traveling Trainers propel your game to new heights of performance. With our support, you will become a better athlete. Contact Us so that we can work with you.