1.21.2021 – Trainer Topics – Consistency

Trainer Topics – Consistency

January 21, 2021 – Video transcript follows.

“Hey guys JaCory Marshall here, your personal trainer with Traveling Trainers. Today we got a new topic to discuss. We started with Motivation, went to Inspiration and now we are going into Consistency – a part of your regimen that you need to have when trying to reach the goal that you’re trying to reach at. Be it playing sports, be it at your job, be it at your family, in your community – health and wellness goals from trying to get new PR to just starting. So it’s all about Motivation with the “ra ra! yes let’s go get em” especially after the new year. And now we talk about Inspiration which actually helps you when the “ra ra” dies down. As in, looking at somebody you admire, or being in a group that inspires each other, or whatever have you. It could be a quote, it could be anything. It could be parents who are aging and you might want to reverse that routine right there or it could be an example for your kids. Anyway, find your inspiration.

And now we got Consistency.

Alright, this means the day in and day out grind which we can definitely fall short on. When we talk about Consistency, we talk about having that pattern – wake up, routine habit, what’s next, see results, see what went right, what went wrong and do it again or revamp it. It has to be the long haul. Once again, we are not talking about being the rabbit in this race, we are talking about being the turtle, the tortoise. Consistency – running that same race. You may not see it as fast as you want to, but run that same race. Because before you know it, you look up and you’ll be way down the line. The rabbit might have finished first, but you have built your firm foundation that won’t cripple, won’t fall through situations because you tested. You’ve messed up, it’s okay, you need to mess up. You’ve probably heard a lot of books, a lot of teachers, we have friends. It’s okay to mess up, but then you correct it and you continue that consistency, alright? 

That’s what it’s all about. Life is all about trying to get it right, but not in a fast manner so that you do it correctly.

Alright, guys? Next I’m going to have a different topic to end this one out. And then we’ll go from there.

But like always, Traveling Trainers Wellness First No Excuses! See you guys later.”

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