Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Employee Fitness Programs

Provided by Traveling Trainers a Kansas City-based company that utilizes the three Ts to elevate each employee’s fitness journey:  Teach, Train and Transform

Our nationally certified trainers create customized programs that align with your objectives and fit the needs of your employees. We specialize in nutritional consulting, weight loss, muscle building, sport-specific training, flexibility and rehabilitation.  We also work with clients under the age of 18 on discipline, self-confidence, and strength.

Our trainers create personalized plans based on each individual’s personal goals and we track their progress every step of the way. We offer a variety of customized training programs such as one-on-one sessions, duo and small group programs, and sports and athletic training.

We offer both in-person and virtual fitness training.

Meet Our Trainers
Traveling Trainer JaCory


Traveling Trainer Crystal


Traveling Trainer Rebekah


Traveling Trainer Jade


Traveling Trainer Claudia


Program Options

Option 1:  Employer covers a certain amount per employee each month and the employee is responsible for paying the difference in either virtual classes or personal training sessions.

Option 2:  The employer covers fees for all classes and the employee is responsible for all personal training options if so choose to engage in on their own.

Option 3:  Employer covers all class fees and a certain fixed amount for personal training sessions per employee each quarter. The employee will be responsible for any extra desired sessions and fees.

CLASSES:  3 days a week or 5 days a week class options

PERSONAL TRAINING:  Per trainer/employee agreement.

FEES:   $100-$125 per class (3 day option)

CLASS SIZE:  Max-25 employees per class

TOTAL CLASSES:  27 classes or 45 classes

Recordings will be distributed post class conclusion (next day)

MARKETING:  Traveling Trainers will supply Fitness Training information.  Employee Fitness Training Marketing provided in PDF format for employer to distribute to employees.

Unique KDHE Employee web page for registration.

Class Types & Descriptions

Traveling Trainers Body State:  This class combines total-body workouts with constant support from national certified fitness pros; personal training in a group atmosphere. With 3 levels of intensity and modifications, our program are able to accommodate all ages, body types and physical abilities in a nurturing and empowering landscape.

What is needed:  Wear comfortable workout clothes and a pair of quality fitness shoes and a bottle of water. Grab a mat and towel if needed.

Traveling Trainers Yoga Scene:
This class allows for mind and body to connect

What is needed:  Wear comfortable clothing you can move easily in. Bring a mat if you have one and water if you’d like.

Traveling Trainers HIIT: 
This class gives off a more uptempo and burn for the body!

Personal Training
(On-site/Virtual):  We bring personal training to you, whether it’s your home, office, gym or the park. We make personal training convenient and your fitness goals accessible. We give you the tools to stay committed and focused in order to change your lifestyle and achieve your wellness goals.

TTrainers Communications

P.O. Box 14123
Lenexa, KS 66285

PHONE:  (913)-788-1144
EMAIL:  info@travelingtrainers.com
WEBSITE:  travelingtrainers.com

Wellness First, No excuses!!!