12.15.2020 – Trainer Topics – Motivation

Traveling Trainers Topics – Motivation
by Traveling Trainers Founder JaCory Marshall


December 15, 2020 – Video transcript follows.

“Hey ya guys JaCory Marshall here your personal trainer with Traveling Trainers. I’m here to bring you a topic that, you know, that’s very important not just to me, but should be to you as well. And that is motivation.
When talking about motivation, we often, you know, talk about things to get you going, things to get that engine running about whatever it may be; Getting straight A’s or making the team or getting this job. So what is driving you, what is getting you out of bed in the morning? Why is this important? Because we all should be striving for something greater than ourselves. That’s what we were designed to do, in the first place, from being born. To not just make yourself better, but also the people around you better.

So, what is your drive? What is your motivation? What gets you going day in and day out?

“You have to have something to keep you going. Even more now than ever with COVID; job loss and tragic incidents and so forth. You have to live for something greater than yourself.

Is it to advance in that career? Is it to make to college on a scholarship? Or make it into college? Or, is it to be an entrepreneur?

Whatever it may be, you need to sit down and write those things out. Now, I’m going to give you some tips on how to stay motivated.

First, meditate on it, alright? Meditate on it. Whatever you have that you want to shoot for, meditate on it, so you always have it fixated on your brain.

Next, write it down. Wherever you want to put it, the bathroom mirror, or, you know, next to your nightstand, so you always can retrieve it and go over it again.

Another tip is audiobooks, books themselves if you like flipping pages, YouTube motivation videos – just be careful because they try to sell you stuff all the time, too. But, find somebody that you look up to in your industry that can help you with guidance and to be motivated and to keep striving. Follow their footprint if they are successful, if they have a background that you can look up and research.

Those are some tips that I would recommend.

Another thing, of course, is to have somebody hold you accountable, each and every day or each and every week, that you stay on track. Think about those horses that they bet on at the Churchill Downs or any other place for that matter. When they have those blinders on, they’re going straight. They’re not looking to the left or to the right. They’re going straight. So, that’s the motivation that you need. Put the blinders on. Quit looking at people on social media, or in your family competing.

Because really it’s the competition with YOU against YOU. That’s it. YOU against YOU.

Alright guys, that’s all I have for today. Traveling Trainers, wellness first, no excuses! Check us out at Travelingtrainers.com. See ya.”

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