1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions

Personal Training At Home, At Work, Anywhere!

Traveling Trainers wants to help you attain a lifestyle that includes optimal fitness, health and well being. To help empower you to reach this goal, we focus on providing training at a time and place that suits your needs…anytime, anyplace!

We love providing personalized training to all types of individuals:

To safeguard our clients’ safety and comfort, Traveling Trainers ensures that all trainers are thoroughly vetted, background checked, nationally licensed, and are experienced. Clients can choose what type of trainer they are most comfortable working with too, male or female, tell us your preference.

We Bring the Workout to You!

One of the significant obstacles thwarting people’s efforts to work out is their struggle to get to the gym. This mentality is easy to understand when you consider the time it takes you to gather your gym gear, pry yourself away from your daily tasks, drive to the gym, check-in, change into your workout gear, store your stuff in a locker, then finally, eager to start your workout, you are disappointed to find the treadmill, weight machines, free weights, spot in the spin class that you were hoping for have already been claimed by others. It can be frustrating and one of the biggest excuses for giving up on the gym membership. Other priorities in life also tend to send fitness to the back burner. Childcare, work deadlines, social commitments, transportation issues, all of these things have an impact. Living in today’s lightning-paced society, it’s truly a logistical miracle to carve out the time for your own health and wellness.

Traveling Trainers understands the time crunch that our clients work under. That’s why we meet each client at the location that works the best for them. Whether it’s at home, a park, the workplace, we come to you. Our goal is to simplify your life by bringing your workout to you!

Choose the Best Time for Your Workout!

Do you have a busy schedule? No problem! We understand that our clients’ time is valuable. Our traveling trainers will meet you at a time and place that’s most convenient for your schedule. If you are a professional that only has free time during your lunch hour at work, we’ll meet you there at or near your workplace. If early mornings are the best time to squeeze a workout in, we’ll meet you at your home before your official day starts.

All we need is a minimum 6 x 6 foot space, and your willingness to dive into improving you! Traveling Trainers will supply the Equipment necessary for your workout sessions. We’ll motivate you and maximize your workout during the time we have together!

Setting Fitness, Health & Wellness Goals

Whether you want to train to run a marathon or be strong enough to walk your daughter down the aisle on her wedding day, we are here for you. Our Trainers understand that each new client has a unique set of goals. An Athlete who wants to strength train for their next season has different priorities than a new mother who would like to lose her baby weight. Therefore, we take the time in our initial meeting to talk to our clients about their goals, limitations, and interests. This helps us form both a cohesive working relationship and realistic short and long-term health, fitness and wellness objectives.

Listed below are common goals we’ve helped our clients to achieve:

  • Lose Weight
  • Lose Inches
  • Strength Train
  • Toner Physique
  • Improved Health
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Increased Mobility
  • Reduce Pain
  • Injury Prevention
  • Better Cardiac Health
  • Train for an Event (i.e., Marathon, Triathlon, etc.)
  • Basic Nutrition

Nutrition is Crucial

To build a healthier, stronger body, you must fuel it with suitable raw materials. That is why Nutrition is a crucial component of any workout regime. Workouts can live and die at the end of a fork.

Busy schedules make it more challenging to eat well. Why should you take the time to prep a satisfying meal when fast food is so readily available?

Traveling Trainers understand and find ways to help clients alleviate the nutritional struggle. We’ve developed many tips and tricks for eating well. As part of every program we will walk you through the basics of nutrition and help you learn how you improve your diet to improve your life.

Helping Clients Feel Empowered

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to help an individual feel empowered. It improves your health, your mental health, and your sense of self-worth. These are many of the goals that drive people to work out in the first place, but they are also the reason why many find it so hard to step inside a gym. Entering a fitness center when you already feel weak and out of place can impair anyone’s desire.

If you are experiencing these emotions, please consider Traveling Trainers. Our sole purpose is to help you transform into your best self. We won’t judge your inabilities, your body shape, or your insecurities. We understand that those obstacles are just as, if not more, difficult to surmount as the last rep in a set. Let us boost you up and over your obstacles so you can travel a clear path to long-term fitness, heath and wellness!

Be Inspired By Others

After a year of treatments and surgeries, Brandy Smith had finally conquered her breast cancer. However, her battle had left her with depleted strength. For Joshua Kampschmidt , health was on a severe decline after he experienced a stroke. After surviving potential devastating illnesses both Brady and Joshua found themselves feeling weaker than they ever had before. Feeling weak and the desire to regain strength and overall wellness prompted them both to contact Traveling Trainers. Working with our trainers, they discovered their inner strength and transformed it into physical muscle. As they worked, they grew stronger, healthier, and more confident.

Personal Accountability is Key

Every person who decided to step on the road to health knows that there’s always some point in the journey when you don’t want to keep going. Whether your sore, tired, overwhelmed, or just not feeling it, the result is the same; you don’t work out. For many, that is the endpoint to their road to health and fitness. They promise themselves that they start exercising the next day, then the next, and so on and so forth. However, those days never see fruition, and their healthy habits are lost. Their drive for self-improvement dwindles to unrealized potential.

Passion is a powerful thing, but it cannot sustain itself on its lonesome. Passion and drive must be fed with determination and hard work. The staff at Traveling Trainers understand this concept implicitly. Our goal is to ignite that fire within our clients and guide them back on that road to better health, and towards their ultimate goals. When our clients want to quit, when they don’t feel like pushing through the inertia, we step in beside them, coaching and cheering them onward. We help our clients dig deep to find a part of themselves they might not know existed, grasp ahold of it, and triumph. We won’t quit on you, and we will do everything not to let you quit on yourself!


Bring a Friend to Train with You for FREE

Every workout can be a great time to commune with your body, mind, and spirit. Workouts can often be even more rewarding when you share them with a friend or loved one. Cheering each other on and celebrating when you finally achieve and ultimately surpass your goals!

Its because of this that Travelling Trainers believes in giving every client the option to bring one friend, spouse, partner, family member, or coworker to every workout for FREE! And yes, its unlimited (2 for the price of 1 indefinitely).

If your workout pair becomes a posse adding three or more people, consider Traveling Trainers Group Workout Program. It’s a phenomenal way for your family, friends, and coworkers to bond through fitness, health and wellness activities.