8.17.2020 – Replace the Gym with a Virtual Fitness Routine

Wearing a mask at the Gym?

AUGUST 17, 2020 – Wearing a mask at the gym is no fun, nor does it make any sense to walk through the doors of a gym just to take it off when huffing and puffing throughout a cardio routine.

For those of you, like us, struggling to figure out the new rules, let us take one stresser away. Work out with a top notch personal trainer LIVE through our virtual platform. The virtual platform is not pre-recorded videos. Our trainers focus directly on you to encourage proper form and pump you full of motivation. We create a plan dedicated to you and your specific goals, whether it is to gain muscle, lose weight or increase stamina, we stand by your side (virtually, of course).

Our trainers understand the need for social distancing and doing our part to reduce any interaction with COVID-19. We have worked hard to provide a system that will continue to put you first on your wellness journey.

This new platform joins our current expansive portfolio of One-on-One training, Athletic Training, Group Workouts, 18 & Under Program, Nutritional Planning  and Rehabilitative Training.

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