9.21.2020 – Runners Without Strength

Prevent Injuries and Improve Performance with Strength Training

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 – Don’t get us wrong, cardio is critical to healthy respiratory and cardiovascular systems. However, most runners focus on improving their form, distance and speed while viewing strength training as a low priority.

Here at Traveling Trainers, we understand the benefits for runners to incorporate specialized strength training into their routine, not only to prevent injuries, but to also improve overall performance. Recent research shows that adding specialized strength training to your running schedule could reduce injuries, increase your 5k speed, and improve running economy.

Don’t wait for an injury to realize the importance of strength training. No gym or equipment is required – we will create a thorough plan to improve your mobility and strengthen “runner’s muscles” such as the lower back, hip flexors and core.

Now is a great time to schedule a free consultation to see how incorporating a strength regimen into your running training can help you.

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