Simple ways to Sneak More Water into Your Diet

Dehydration is a serious condition that can cause symptoms like fatigue and shaking, and also lead to kidney stones, blood clot complications and low blood pressure. Now that the seasons are changing and the weather will be starting to warm up, it’s especially important to get enough fluids. Drinking water can prevent dehydration, as well as help your body keep a normal temperature, lubricate and cushion joints, as well as get rid of bodily waste through urination, perspiration, and bowel movements.

Fortunately, you don’t have to drink gallons and gallons of water to stay hydrated. There are other ways to creatively sneak more fluids into your diet. 

Eat foods with high water content

Your body is made up of 80 percent water, and some foods have up to 90 percent water. By eating foods with high water content, you can nourish the body with extra fluids. Water-logged fruits and vegetables include:

  • Grapefruit
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries
  • Blackberries
  • Cucumbers
  • Lettuce
  • Celery

Consider other beverages

You can make water tasty by adding fresh fruit slices, such as cucumbers, limes or lemons. But, there are other beverages that can be added to your list as well. Fruit juices, tea and coffee all contain water. You can also fill your glass with sports drinks, protein drinks, milkshakes and smoothies. Just be sure to drink these beverages in moderation as they do contain sugar.

Make fruit popsicles

A great warm weather treat is popsicles made from fruit juice and water. Because these treats contain just a few ingredients, they are generally low in sugar and calories. You can find a great collection of recipes for fresh fruit ice pops here. You can even add yogurt or make flavored cream for extra sweetness!

Keep water accessible

Everyone has preferences when it comes to water. Some like it ice cold from a pitcher while others like it at room temperature. However you like your water, keep it accessible. This will make you more likely to reach for a glass of water when you’re thirsty. Drink when you’re thirsty, as this is your body’s way of letting you know you need more water. Also pay attention when you go to the bathroom. If your urine is dark yellow, your body might be holding onto water, and that can be a sign that you need more. How much you need is different for everyone, depending on your health, how dry the air is where you live, and your daily activity level.

Get extra fluids at dinner

If you like foods with a kick, they can help put more fluids into your system. Have you ever tried to eat Indian food without a large glass or two of something cool to drink? You can also work extra fluids into your diet through soups, broths and other options. During the summer, try a watermelon salsa or mango salsa to go with a side of chips or crackers. A salad containing lettuce and fresh vegetables is also filled with water. Or, opt for delicious Mediterranean stuffed peppers. All of these dishes have lots of vitamins, minerals and water.

Get an app

If you need a reminder to drink up, there are plenty of apps for that. They can help you keep track of how much water you drink, and suggest how much you should have and when. If you don’t want to download anything, set some friendly reminders on your phone.