What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Personal Fitness Training Programs

Getting Fit For Life Events

Shawna began her training, getting in the best shape possible for her approaching wedding. Additionally, Shawna became a client with Traveling Trainers just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit. She was very pleased with the ease and convenience of having full access to her personal trainers from the safety of her own home – meeting online face-to-face at a convenient time.

Shawna – Virtual & One-on-One Training Client

Taking Control of Personal Fitness & Health

Having worked with JaCory for several years – Nancy has come a long way in her personal fitness journey…Losing over 25 pounds in her time with Traveling Trainers.

Nancy has been able to count on convenient, personalized workout routines and exercise programs that have kept her mobility and body at peak performance!

“At my age, falls and injuries become a concern. Traveling Trainers has made my health & resilience to such avoidable injuries an invaluable investment!”

Nancy – In-Person & Virtual Training Client

Balancing Work & Fitness

Tammy works full-time, like many – finding the time to workout and make health conscious decisions after long work hours is often difficult.

Traveling Trainers became the perfect solution. Tammy has been able to maintain all of her fitness goals, while being able to maintain focus on her professional & personal life.

Tammy – Virtual & One-on-One Training Client

Fitness Training That’s Actually “Convenient”

Doug is typically an online-only client – utilizing our virtual training platform. Doug and his wife found Traveling Trainers offerings both ideal & convenient for their lifestyles.

Being able to meet for workouts at a convenient time – even virtually has been a wonderful option for maintaining an exercise regiment!

Doug – Virtual Training Client

Regaining Strength After Cancer & Surgery

“Traveling Trainers has changed our lives. I have lost 13 pounds in 2 months. I gained 20 pounds after a year filled with surgeries from breast cancer. I lost all my strength in my upper body also. It has been really awesome. The cost is cheap and sooooo worth it!”

Brandy Smith – Spring Hill, KS

Reclaiming Strength and Stamina After Stroke

I started working with Traveling Trainers in November 2018 because of declining health and having a mini-stroke/TIA.
In addition, I also was diagnosed with high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and borderline pre-diabetes. After working with Traveling Trainers, I was able to get my weight under control. So far, I’ve dropped about 30 pounds and at least two pant sizes.

Joshua Kampschmidt, Kansas City KS

Seeing Positive Changes

Over the years, I’ve had gym memberships, fitness classes, home workouts online, videos, you name it. None of them have gotten me to the point that Traveling Trainers has in my strength, changing my physique, and overall fitness. I am seeing changes in my body that I wasn’t sure I would ever see again after 40.

Brandi Houk Hodapp, Olathe KS