10.27.2020 – ‘Tis the Season for Stretchy Pants

OCTOBER 27, 2020 – We already know you’ll likely end up exercising less during the cooler months – it happens to a lot of people. Another major reason to eat healthy during the cooler months? To help prevent that holiday bloat.

From October through December, treats are all over. Halloween treats currently line the shelves of grocery stores everywhere. Chances are you bought a bag or two, but will trick or treating even happen with Covid-19 wreaking havoc on society? Even if kids do come out, I’m going to guess it won’t be in numbers that’ll drain those candy stores you have. Guess you’ll have to eat the rest, right?!

Next comes Thanksgiving. Once again, Thanksgiving may look a little different this year in terms of how many people you’ll be around, but you’ll still have a Thanksgiving feast. Tables filled with roast turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, stuffing, mac and cheese, and of course pies. There are plenty of other foods I could add, but I have to stop there because I’m making myself hungry. You see what I’m getting at, though. There’s ALWAYS left overs which you then pick at for the next week or two.

That of course bleeds right into the holiday season. You’ve got Christmas parties for work, holiday potlucks, happy hours with friends before you depart to your holiday destinations, and more. There are plenty of treats that come along with the holiday season.

I think you get my point with all of this. There are any number of roadblocks you’re going to come across in the cooler months surrounding food. If you want to mitigate that holiday bloat, eating healthy becomes your best friend. Not only that, eating healthy surrounding these events allows you to enjoy them even more. In fact, that’s the premise of ANY successful diet – eat healthy 80-90% of the time and enjoy all the fun stuff the other 10-20% of the time. That very principle is true not just during the cooler months, but year-round.

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