11.30.2020 – Traveling Trainers Donates to Veterans of Foreign Wars

Traveling Trainers Donates to Veterans of Foreign Wars

November 30, 2020 – We believe a wellness journey includes the communities we live in. That’s why we decided to donate to the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) organization.

From their website:
“The VFW is committed to ensuring needed VA reforms are based on the needs, preferences and expectations of the men and women it was designed to serve – not political rhetoric. “Our Care,” a 2015 report, evaluated the veterans’ health care landscape based on responses from a diverse cross-section of military veterans. It included conclusions on veterans’ options, preferences and expectations when seeking health care, which we believe should serve as the bases for changes to the VA health care system.”

To learn more about the VFW organization and how you can support their efforts visit their website at

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