Traveling Trainers Holiday Gift Guide 2021

As the holiday season winds on, now would be a good time to consider all your nearest and dearest’s niche interests and passions, and consider how to nail down the perfect gifts. And we’ve all got that friend (or, if you think you don’t, you are that friend) obsessed with their workout and fitness routines. Our beloved gym junkies — whether they are runners, cyclers or lifters deserve only the best and there’s plenty of ways to channel their sporty, cardio, love into some awesome gifts from Traveling Trainers.

If you’re breaking a sweat shopping for your fitness-focused friends and family members, here’s a guide to some cool gifts that are available on the Traveling Trainer’s website that they’re sure to love.



Gray with straight steel knurled handles and raised silver numbers, Traveling Trainer’s Hexagonal Shaped Dumbbells prevent the dumbbells from rolling.

Dumbbells are sold as a set of 2 and are available in 20lb, 40lb and 50lb weights.

$38.00 – $95.00




Vortex Movement Training System - Traveling Trainers

Traveling Trainers Vortex Movement Training System bridges the gap between movement and strength training by introducing the body to task-oriented movement patterns with resistance. Loaded Movement Training patterns increase functional mobility and agility, and improve multi-directional stability, strength and power. Vortex Movement Training also enhances balance, timing, and coordination, while increasing calorie burn during and after workouts. Incorporate the Vortex Movement Training System into your daily stretching and Traveling Trainers Fitness Program.

Available in weights ranging from 9 to 57 pounds. Sold individually.




5lb Slam Ball - Traveling Trainers

Traveling Trainers’ Slam Balls can be used in a variety of ways to increase the intensity of your regular routines. Use for ab/core work or add intensity to leg day and shoulder workouts. Use slam balls with a partner for passing drills. Our dead weight Slam Balls will retain their shape no matter how many times you slam them to the ground or against a wall. The balls are 9″ in diameter, will not bounce back, have a perfect texture for gripping and are sand filled. They are the perfect accessory for building strength and enhancing cardiovascular health.

Offered in 5lb, 10lb and 20lb weights

$20.00 – $36.00




Roll Out Ladder - Traveling Trainers

Traveling Trainers’ Roll Out Agility Ladder is ideal for athletes who want to develop leg muscle strength. This ladder is ideal for performing drills in indoor gyms and on hard, flat terrain. Its simple, easy-to-use design will allow you to focus more on working out vs. spending time assembling your ladder. The agility ladder is made of durable rubber and will withstand intense exercise routines.

15 foot long x 15 inches wide

Rung spacing is approximately 18 inches



Resistance Body Bands - Traveling Trainers

Traveling Trainers resistance body bands in 7 resistive strengths. Great for muscle, strength, flexibility and stretching routines. Use by themselves or in pairs. Incorporate Resistance Bands into your daily stretching and Traveling Trainers Fitness Program.

Great for muscle, strength, flexibility and stretching routines

Use a single band or in pairs

Can also be used with weights and assisted pull ups

$18.00 – $24.00


Jump Ropes - Traveling TrainersTraveling Trainers Adjustable Steel Wire Jump Rope – Train like the pro’s whether you are participating in crossfit, boxing, mma, or just getting in a home workout, this jump rope fits all. Perfect for anyone from a beginner to an expert. Made from the highest quality materials to ensure ultra fast spinning and maximum life. Easy to adjust using two sliding screws and collars that sets the handles at a specific length on the cable. Excess cable length can be cut off for convenience and you have your custom sized jump rope. Incorporate jump ropes into your daily stretching and Traveling Trainers Fitness Program.





BOSU Balance Trainer - Traveling TrainersTraveling Trainers BOSU balance trainer is a perfect complement to the trainer on the go as well as space challenged club or home user. Strengthens your core and adds fun to your routines. Easy to transport and store. Available in two colors: blue or pink, each with neon green base. Includes owners manual and foot pump. Made in the USA. Incorporate the BOSU balance trainer into your daily stretching, meditation and Traveling Trainers Fitness Program.





Swiss Ball - Traveling TrainersTraveling Trainers Swiss Ball is made from a strong material that holds up to 2000 pounds and deflates slowly if punctured, minimizing the risk of injury. Use the ball to strengthen and tone your abs, back, or glutes in a whole new way thanks to the resistance from multiple directions. It’s great for people of all ages and fitness levels. Incorporate this Swiss Ball into your daily stretching, meditation and Traveling Trainers Fitness Program.






Ab Wheel - Traveling TrainersTraveling Trainers ab wheel is the perfect tool to strengthen and tone your abs, shoulders, arms, and back. It forces you to isolate the stomach and oblique muscles while you work out. This enables you to effectively develop and strengthen the stomach area. Incorporate the ab wheel into your daily stretching and Traveling Trainers Fitness Program.






Exercise Disc - Traveling Trainers

Traveling Trainers exercise disc can be used to perform many fitness ball exercises. The disc has two different textured sides for tactile input. Incorporate the exercise disc into your daily stretching, meditation and Traveling Trainers Fitness Program.

Easily filled with small hand pump with needle

Disc can also be used for balance exercises

Different textured sides