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Nichelle Personal Fitness and Yoga Instructor - Traveling Trainers


Degree in Health and Nutrition from Oklahoma State University
ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist (American of College of Sports Medicine)
Exercise is MedicineĀ® (EIM) Level 2 Credential
Behavior Change Specialist
NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine
Yoga Fit Instructor

Nichelle has more than 25 years of experience in health promotions developing and managing corporate wellness programs to include consulting with key and municipal employer groups, custom program design, implementation and reporting, biometric health screenings, health coaching and wellness and fitness classes.

Nichelle has more than ten years of experience teaching yoga classes and private lessons. Using methods that emphasize sports science, alignment and teaching yoga in a safe and adaptable way, she has been able to teach yoga in a way that is accessible for students with varying levels of fitness.

Nichelleā€™s combination of experience and education enables her to provide a holistic approach that focuses on all areas of wellness related to lifestyle to prevent and compliment the healthcare management of health conditions and improve the quality of life. She Focuses on the relationship of lifestyle related behaviors, such as nutrition, physical activity and emotional health. Utilizing evidenced-based healthy lifestyle guidelines and behavior support strategies, she is able to help clients and students successfully integrate healthy behaviors into their lives.