10.9.2020 – Why Our Trainers Suggest Resistance Bands with Handles

Our Trainers Recommend Resistance Bands with Handles

What if we told you that there is a piece of equipment that is lightweight, travel friendly, with killer workout potential for less than $8? Our trainers recommend incorporating the Resistance Bands with Handles into your daily workout.

Resistance Bands are a great addition to your body weight exercises, and provide a way to add variety into your strength training routine. Using resistance bands can assist in stretching and modifying exercises. You can feel a full body tension when using resistance bands as they engage the stabilization and core muscles while unknowingly increasing your bone and joint health by reducing impact throughout the workout.

Check out JaCory demonstrating how he uses resistance bands:


We know many people are working out at home during COVID-19, so we understand the challenge of strength training alone. Using resistance bands with handles provides a safe alternative to lifting heavy weights with a spotter present.

Our trainers have vetted a full collection of the best equipment on the market. So, we made it easy for you to purchase directly from our website!

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