Youth Workout Training Programs

Traveling Trainers wants to empower young people with a lifestyle of health and fitness. We understand that helping young athletes learn how to train can often look vastly different than it does for their adult counterparts. We establish an individual workout to suit each youth’s age, ability level, and goals.

What are the Health Risks of a Child/Teen’s Inactive Lifestyle?

Encouraging kids to exercise is not an easy task. More and more kids avoid regular physical play or activity and are choosing to spend their time online. These sedentary lifestyle choices have a drastic impact on the health of today’s youth. Statistics from the Center for Disease Control declared that up 18.5% of American children and teens are suffering from childhood obesity[i], which increases their chances of becoming obese adults by 39.8%[ii]. Along with obesity, mood disorders like anxiety and depression are on the rise.

Young people who do not take part in a healthy lifestyle are also more susceptible to health risks like:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Mood Disorders like Depression and Anxiety
  • Increased Risk of Suicide
  • High Cholesterol
  • Skin Disorders

How Can Exercise Help Your Child or Teen?

A lifestyle of fitness can enhance a young person’s physical strength, cardiovascular health, stabilize mood, and promote weight loss. Traveling Trainers has developed training techniques to work with the unique physiology of children and teens. Most importantly, every trainer at Traveling Trainers is experienced, vetted, and has been background checked for the safety of our clients, children, and teens in our program. For their comfort, you have the option to work with a trainer of either gender. We provide One-on-One Sessions for children and teens who are shy about working out in crowded areas like gyms. For groups of friends, families, or even sports teams who want to work out together, we offer Duo and Group Workout Sessions.

Our trainers can adjust training regimens to fit your child’s or teenager’s unique goals or needs. We have several Training Programs available for our young athletes. For student-athletes, we offer a comprehensive Athletic Training Sessions that are designed to elevate your game to the next level. Our Athletic training session is focused on helping athletes create and crush goals to prepare themselves mentally and physically for their next challenge.

For those who have suffered an injury, we also offer Rehab Training Sessions. With this program, we will work alongside your young athlete’s doctors and rehab team to help them recover their lost athletic ability.

Along with all our other Training Programs, Traveling Trainers offers Nutritional Planning to our young athletes. This unique program teaches them the importance of a healthy diet to promote a fitness lifestyle and fuel their workouts.

For more information about Traveling Trainer results, check out our Testimonials.

Pick the Time & Place to Exercise!

Finding the time to train can be especially tricky for today’s youth. Many children and teens have even more hectic schedules than their adult counterparts. Before a young athlete can work out, they often have to carve time out around school, extracurricular activities, sport’s schedules, family time, and homework. What’s even trickier about their schedules is they often must rely on others, like their parents, to find room in their calendars to enable a quality fitness routine.

This is why working with the staff at Traveling Trainers is perfect for helping children and teens get the valuable training they deserve. Our personal trainers will travel throughout the Kansas City metro area to bring the workout to them. We can meet with them at their home, the park, or any other location that fits their schedule. We want to help them develop into their best selves through establishing a lifestyle of health and fitness.

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